Marriage Preparation

Celebration of Marriage at the Church of the Sacred Heart
Bride or Groom must be a serving member of the Defence Forces.

Your desire to marry in Church is your invitation to Christ to be at the heart of your relationship. Your wedding day is as special and as individual as you are. Everything about it should reflect your uniqueness, especially your ceremony. This is the one day in your lives when you have the opportunity to publicly express your love for each other and make your own special promises and vows to each other.

We hope that the following information will be of benefit to you in a practical way as you prepare for your marriage.

Fixing the Date

When deciding on a date, please bear in mind that: civil and church law requires a minimum of three months notice of your intention to marry. In cases where dispensations are required, a minimum of six months notice of intention to marry is required by diocesan rules.

Pre-Marriage Preparation

A marriage preparation workshop is strongly recommended. It is conducted by trained facilitators who explore the various aspects in preparation for the celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage and for your married life together. See ACCORD for details of such courses in your area.
Documentation Needed

• A recently issued Baptismal Certificate
• A recently issued Confirmation Certificate.
• A Letter of Freedom from your respective parish(es) – if you have lived for more than six months outside your parish of residence since you were 18 years of age,
•(A non-catholic requires a baptismal certificate and an affidavit stating that he/she was never married before in a civil or religious ceremony).

We advise that you also check the ‘Getting Married’ section of the website of the General Register Office at which provides general information on the solemnisation and registration (in the civil records) of a valid marriage in Ireland
Your local priest should complete with you your Prenuptial Enquiry Papers which both you and your partner must sign.

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